Marketing Associate (eCommerce) (Product)

Cerritos, California, United States | Marketing | Full-time


Position Summary:

As a member of our eCommerce team, the Marketing Associate (eCommerce) (Product) is responsible for supporting new product launches for our eCommerce channels. The Product Associate will work with our eCommerce managers to research, analyze, and launch potential new products (in the fields of Home & Kitchen as well as B2B Products) in order to drive growth.  

Great employee benefits: 401(k), vacation, sick leave, medical, dental & life insurance.


Essential Functions & Key Responsibilities:

  • Product research for new product launches
  • Quantitative product analysis (such as through using Excel or Google Sheets) for determining product specifications, product pricing, and product launch viability
  • Copywriting for Product Pages
  • Product Page Setup on Amazon, Shopify,, and other marketplaces


Candidate Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree (preferably in a quantitative-related field such as Economics, Business, Marketing, Engineering, or related field)
  • Quantitative and solution-focused 
  • Product-focused with ability to analyze from a customer mindset
  • Resourceful and independent
  • Detail-oriented to be able to follow Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) 
  • Excellent computer and technology platform skills
  • Willingness to learn and incorporate constructive feedback
  • Excellent communication skills with a willingness to ask questions and work in a team


Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience with performing product research, analysis, pricing
  • Experience with eCommerce product pages
  • Strong Attention to Detail - Understanding the importance of following detailed SOPs and being able to document and communicate properly, ability to manage large amounts of detailed information into specific takeaways; ability to identify product types within a product category
  • Analytical ability - Ability to propose data-driven product specs/price, etc.; Ability to gather & evaluate/analyze research in order to make informed decisions and conclusions based on quantitative analysis, making judgments about the value of information and understanding its components; Considers different points of views and understands how information connects.
  • Open-minded - Ability to be open-minded about findings and willingness to adjust accordingly, willingness to learn and being open to feedback
  • Willingness to ask questions / intellectual curiosity -  Asks questions to find out all the needed details to move forward / complete task; being curious to understand the context of the process or ask questions if not clear; determined to understand the findings to communicate to the team,
  • Creative thinking - Ability to try alternative approaches that with help see a problem / analysis from different perspectives (product-focused with consumer mindset)


About IPS Industries, Inc.

IPS Industries has been a leading global manufacturer in the packaging industry since 1985. Operating three strategically located distribution centers nationwide, IPS Industries is a minority-owned and operated corporation, headquartered in Cerritos, CA.

Our mission is to offer the most extensive line of high-quality packaging with service that exceeds every expectation and lowers the overall cost of ownership to our valued customers.

Our product lines consist of customizable packaging for major retailers, supermarkets, restaurants, airlines, hotels, hospitals, and industrial sectors along with plastic solutions in the home improvement and automotive industries.

On top of our commitment to providing quality solutions, IPS is also dedicated to making sure we continue to strive to bring new and innovative products to the plastics industry, along with offering sustainable packaging solutions that challenge each process of our supply chain to be energy efficient and on top of recycling practices.